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Saag (Finally!!)

First a story.

The first time I ever had Indian food, I was really excited. I mean, it all sounded so delicious to me. The spices, the ingredients, the mix of savory and a hint of sweetness, the spice. And then I had it and I was chock full of meh about it. The place we went to, while well loved in Denver, seriously failed to impress me. I had the saag because I have a serious love affair with spinach, and it was bland and boring. It could have been a off day for the chef or something but I was so unispired by it that it took me a full 2 years to try Indian food again.

I went to several tasty places and then I found MY favorite Indian food in CO, Star of India. A little family run restaurant, the food is always consistently excellent and I love it so very much, which if you are reading this, you are on my FB which means you are already very well aware of this fact.

*side note - I like Yak and Yeti but it's been so incredibly inconsistent in quality and reliability that I have pret…

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