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Rajma - Red Bean Curry

I've been wanting to make my own spin of Rajma for a couple of months but I kept getting distracted so today I finally made the commitment and boy am I happy with the results! I wanted to cook it in the slow cooker because I LOVE the way beans turn out in the crockpot and for Indian inspired dishes, the long slow cooking time really gives the flavors time to develop and meld.

As usual I searched the internets and found a couple of basic recipes to create my own using what I have on hand and my own personal taste. I made it a little bit milder than I would normally because my always tetchy stomach has been particularly tetchy lately but it's really easy to tailor the heat level on this recipe. And while I made it milder for ME, I imagine it's probably not that mild to others.

As I said in my post for the Cajun Red Beans and Rice, you do NOT have to pre-soak your beans, just know that by not soaking them, it can take longer for them to get tender, which when you are using a …

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